Communion service Gospel reflection

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Q: We have only one priest, and with Monday as his day off it is also the only day the community does not celebrate Mass. Monday is also our School of Religion night, and we are considering offering a Communion service possibly once a month as our opening prayer. Here is my question…does the minister who leads the rite also need to be the one who offers the Gospel reflection, or can that be someone else?


A: The rites of Pastoral Care and of the Sick permit a layperson to give a reflection when bringing communion to the sick (85). The Directory for Masses with Children permits an adult to speak with the children after the gospel, with the consent of the pastor or rector of the church (24). At Mass, a presider need not be the one to address the children, and you’re describing a situation outside Mass.

I think there should be no problem with splitting the roles of presiding and reflecting