Confession and absolution

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Q: Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.  It means a lot to us.

With this pandemic and so many changes being made, there has been a lot of creativity.  Some has been wonderful and we know some has been done when it probably shouldn’t have.

Regarding Reconciliation, what is possible?  There have been ‘drive through’ but what about virtual.  Is ‘virtual’ reconciliation approved? Can a priest and penitent get together via one of the online platforms (Zoom, FaceTime, Duo, etc) with absolution being done and it is valid?

I thought absolution had to be done in person.  But again, during these times .  .  . . . . .

Thank you very much and have a God-filled day


A: The sacrament of penance must be celebrated in person. It cannot even take place over the phone. Drive-through confessions are in-person, but they lack the dignity of a sacred space.