Confirmation any time of the year

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Q: I have someone (candidate) inquiring to be in full communion with the church. She is ready to start formation as soon as possible but I don’t think she will be ready to be received and confirmed on Easter Vigil this year. My question is, can candidates be confirmed outside Easter vigil by their own pastor and do I need delegation from my Bishop? Does this change from one diocese to another?


A: A validly baptized candidate may be received into the full communion of the Catholic Church at any time of year. Even though priests have commonly received such persons at the Easter Vigil, it is preferred that they be received on some other Sunday, as soon as they are ready, and when the community may participate.

You do not need delegation from the bishop. Once he appoints you at your parish, the canon law of the church gives you the authority to confirm those you receive into the Church at any time of year, not just at the Easter Vigil.

That is true not just for any one diocese, but worldwide. God bless you for wanting to give appropriate pastoral care to this candidate.