Confirmation during lent

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  If we have confirmation during Lent, do we omit the Gloria?

A:  It depends on what day it is.
If the confirmation takes place on a Sunday in Lent, then there is no Gloria. You do the complete Lent liturgy and shove in the parts that pertain to confirmation. The presidential prayers and readings all stay the same for the Lenten Sunday.
The same applies to Ash Wednesday and to weekdays of Holy Week. But I hope you’re not having confirmation on one of those days.
if it’s St. Joseph Day or the Annunciation, then you celebrate that solemnity with the confirmation ceremony, and you include the Gloria.
Otherwise, if it’s just an ordinary weekday in Lent, then you celebrate confirmation with its proper texts and all the bells and whistles, including the Gloria