Confirmation or Marriage?

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  I have two Catholics in RCIA preparation. Both were baptized but got no further sacraments. They are civilly married to each other. Which comes first: their confirmation and communion or their sacramental marriage?


A:  Their sacramental marriage. In fact, you may do that at any time now when you feel that they have completed marriage preparation. It’d be good for them to go to confession first. Because they were baptized Catholics, the bishop is the ordinary minister of confirmation, but he may give the priest permission to confirm in the parish. Or they may go to the bishop and receive their first communion at a mass when he is confirming. They don’t have to wait until Easter for their confirmation and communion, though they may.

They may not be confirmed or receive communion until the marriage situation is resolved. Give them preparation. Encourage them to go to confession. Have the convalidation of their wedding. Eat cake.