Confirming a baptized candidate

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I have been asked to prepare a workshop on the baptized Catholic and the RCIA process. In searching for material to supplement my limited knowledge, I came across your blog. As this is my first attempt at collecting my thoughts for the presentation, I am sure that I will have more needs in the future, but right now I have one ‘burning’ question. Does the pastor have the faculties all year long to confirm a baptized Catholic adult, or is it only given for baptized Christians entering into full communion and at the Easter Vigil for the unbaptized? If he does not, we would then need to separate the reception of Communion from Confirmation until the Bishop is scheduled. Is there any reading material you could recommend? 


Canon law authorizes a priest to confirm a baptized candidate whom he receives into the full communion of the Catholic Church. In fact, it obliges him to confirm. The permission and requirement are not attached to the Easter Vigil. He has the permission and requirement all year round without consulting the bishop.

I have written extensively on the baptized candidate. Here are a few links for you: and look for When Other Christians Become Catholic, and Celebrating Initiation: A Guide for Priests. and look for “Receiving Candidates One by One,” “Forlorn, Yet Privileged: The Case for Candidates,” and “Save the Candidates”. and look for “MyRCIA: The Meaning of Adult Initiation in Post-Vatican II America.”