Convalidation and confirmation

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Q:  I have two parishioners scheduled for a convalidation in two weeks, Ricardo & Irasema.  Both are baptized Catholics but Irasema has not been confirmed or received First Communion.  She participated in our catechumenate with her daughter.  I had planned to convalidate their marriage before Easter and have Irasema receive her sacraments at the Vigil (as her daughter did) but they wanted to wait to convalidate their marriage when more family could be present (!) I’ve given First Communion alone during Nuptial Masses but in this case I am wondering. Should I celebrate a Nuptial Mass in which I confirm her immediately after the Rite of Matrimony?  Or should I do a simpler convalidation and schedule her initiation at another Mass?  It seems the first option would be simpler unless there is some reason I am not thinking of why it shouldn’t be done.  Would appreciate your thoughts.

A:  The only additional consideration here is that the bishop has to delegate the priest to confirm in this case. So I’d probably defer to the bishop. If he has no objection, then the priest’s first option may be done. Or the priest may give communion at the wedding mass and invite the bride to be confirmed at another celebration when the bishop is presiding.