Corpus Christi

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Q: Just finished your new book “Words Without Alloy” great job!!  Question — I noticed the use of the phrase “Corpus Christi” in your text and wondered what can be done to highlight (especially in the Eucharistic Revival) the Blood of Christ… since as you know the feast (sic) days were combined into one and the “Blood” is always neglected now with the Latin phrase always being used. The English title is the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. We are sort of starting all over with having the chalice/cup offered to the laity again for reception of Holy Communion. It’s a challenge to have pastors allow it in some parishes. 


A: I probably should have explained this in the book, but all the references to that “feast” in the schemata call it Corpus Christi. The updated calendar changed the title before the lectionary was published, but the drafts used the old title for the day.

GIRM 281 gives a beautiful reflection on the importance of sharing the Blood of Christ with the faithful.