Cremated remains

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Q: First let me just say thank you for the webinar you gave on the Order of Christian Funerals.  I enjoyed every bit of the information you provided.

My question is this:  we currently place cremains on a table without a covering on the table. Is this acceptable or not?  In the past, all of my previous Pastors did not think a covering was needed.  I was trained by my diocese in bereavement and consolation close to 15 years and have never used a cloth.   Our new pastor says that the table should be covered.  Which is the correct way and where can I find the information, thank you!


A: Thanks for your comments on my presentation.

There is no rule governing the use of a cloth upon which to set the urn. It’s a matter of preference, then. If your pastor has found a directive, please let me know about it.

And BTW, the Order of Christian Funerals never uses the neologism “cremains”. It prefers “cremated remains” so that people remember what we have here: the remains of a child of God.