Deacons and sacred oils

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Q: Thanks for your blog and your writings.  They have become valuable resources for me.  A brother Deacon, now on senior status, when he was administrator of a cluster of parishes, told me he never got enough oil at Chrism Mass because he used more than what he was allotted.  My curiosity was peaked and I have searched many resource (including your blog) for what oils and when a Deacon may use the sacred oils.  We know for sure at a baptism, but can we anoint or other wise use the oils for any other purpose or at any other time.  I often go on sick calls where the person is near death and has received the Sacrament of the Sick, but wonder if it is appropriate to further anoint the person with oils as they near death.


A: Thanks for your comments on my work.

A deacon may anoint a catechumen with the oil of catechumens. A deacon may use the oil of catechumens and the oil of chrism at the baptism of an infant. Otherwise, deacons may not use the holy oils. Only a priest may anoint the sick. The most important sacrament to give someone near death is communion as Viaticum, which a deacon may administer.

God bless you in your ministry.