Dedication of altars

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Q: Are fixed altars located in chapels outside of the main parish church to be dedicated (anointed) or blessed?

On another note…are chapels outside of the main parish church but located on the campus or even possibly attached to the main church to be blessed and not dedicated.  I’m thinking particularly when they have been added after the main church has been dedicated.


A: There should be only one altar in new churches. See The Order of the Dedication of a Church and an Altar IV:7. “The erection of several altars in a church merely for the sake of adornment must be entirely avoided.” 

In my view, auxiliary chapels would not have the status of the parish church and would usually not be anointed.

Chapels may be blessed with Chapter V: The Order of Blessing a Church, which includes the blessing of an altar. I’ve covered a lot of this in my book New Church, New Altar and the companion book Our Church, Our Altar.