Easter ByPass

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: What is your understanding of the need to ensure that Catechumens observe the “Easter ByPass?” It is the recommended norm in our diocese meaning that Catechumens must be in the formation program for at least 1 liturgical year before they can be initiated. This would mean that someone entering a program in August 2022, would need to wait at least until the Easter Vigil 2024 to be initiated. We are in the practice of discerning each individual’s readiness and desire (we do this together) to determine if they are ready for the Easter Vigil and it is not uncommon for us to wait for another cycle for certain Catechumens who agree they are not yet fully prepared. However, many are prepared in less than a year and we proceed with them.  What is your thought on this?


A: The national statutes do encourage a full year, but I find that some inquirers have had an informal formation for a long time before they come come to a parish. I believe that in such cases, “credits transfer.” But you’ll find people who disagree with me.