Easter candle in the vigil

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Q: My question is pretty simple. I have two parishes. The habit seems to have been in the past that at the Easter Vigil the pastor blesses the Easter candle for both in the Mass. Is this appropriate? Something in me has a conflict like it shouldn’t be done but I have not found anything on the subject. Pastorally, I understand the reason, but it seems to me that there should only be one candle at the Vigil from the very beginning. To be clear, I have never lit the other candle, there is only one lit. 

Is there a need to bless the candle in the vigil for the mission parish? In fact, thinking about it, the fire is blessed, not the candle. Thoughts are appreciated. I wish you a fruitful Holy Week and a Happy Easter.


A: Here’s an earlier post from my blog that pertains: https://paulturner.org/paschal-candle-2/

Look up the link to the USCCB. They’ve changed the numbering since I posted this a couple of years ago, but if you click on Easter Vigil you’ll see the question about mission churches and what they recommend. At first I didn’t agree with their advice, but the more I think about it, the more I think they’re right.

A blessed Holy Week to you.