Easter Time

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A:  Just a question of terms and capitalization because our publication follows a newspaper style and AP style. In an article you submitted, you used the term “Easter Time.” We have not had that term capitalized before, so we are wondering if it is like Eastertide (which we would write like this). If it is a liturgical term, it is just not covered in CNS and we can leave it. But I am just checking because normally we would probably capitalize it as “Easter time.”


Q:  Easter Time with those caps is a designation in the Roman Missal. It matches the style of Ordinary Time. In the past we referred to it as the Easter season (with or without a capital s), but the Vatican wanted it changed to Easter Time. Same for Christmas Time. But Advent and Lent are known as Advent and Lent. The word “season” does not appear in the missal, I presume because it seems to refer to the four seasons of the calendar, and Time designates better the liturgical view.