Easter Vigil

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Q: For Easter Vigil, since the lighting of the fire is omitted, the candle will be lit at the stand.
1.  Would the Priest still begin saying In the name of the Father….?
2.  When will the candle be lit? Will the Priest still incense the Altar after he kisses the Altar? Should he add extra incenses so the Deacon can use that for the Exsultet? 
3.  Would the Rite of Blessing the water still take place after the homily? 
4.  If there is no Rite of Blessing the water. Where would the Priest stand for the “Renewal of Baptismal Promises”? Should he stand at the Ambo or in front of the Altar?


A: 1. The decrees from the CDWDS leave some details unexpressed, so I’ll give you my opinion. The first from March 19, 2020, says that the blessing and preparation of the fire are omitted, but I believe the sense of this liturgy calls for it to begin with the sign of the cross and the greeting.
2. The CDWDS says that the paschal candle is lit, presumably as part of the Easter Vigil. I advise lighting it after the greeting. The Exsultet is to be included. With that, I presume that the elements proper to it are also included: a deacon asks the priest for the blessing, and the deacon incenses the book and the candle. Not, however, the altar.
3. The CDWDS limits the third part of the Vigil to the renewal of promises. Therefore, I conclude that there is no blessing of the water and no sprinkling of the people this year.
4. The priest stands at the chair for the renewal of promises. That is where he usually stands for the creed at mass.