Eastern Catholic Church

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Q: I had an RCIA question that has come up and thought of you and your vast knowledge. In my 30 years of parish ministry, I have not had this situation come up. I am hoping you can give us some guidance. We have two people who wish to join our faith from the Russian Orthodox Church. Do they need to do anything other than a profession of faith? Do they take part in the Rite Of Welcome and Acceptance?


A: They need nothing more than a profession of faith, and it is to be done without ceremony. See RCIA 473-476. Once received, they become members of the parallel Eastern Catholic Church, but that gives them access to communion in the Latin Rite.

If you have an Eastern Catholic Church nearby, they may want to do the reception themselves.

Do not add on extra preliminary rites for them. Keep it as simple as possible. And, of course, there is no confirmation in this case. They are already validly confirmed.