Eastern Orthodox Church

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Q: I’m assuming that alot of refugees coming from Ukraine will belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church.

 At a time when they really need to feel close to Our Lord. Will they be refused the Eucharist at a Roman Catholic Mass?  I’m assuming there are not many Orthodox Churches around.   I got to thinking about this the other day.  And thought if anyone knew you would.

A member of our family was in Ukraine running a school as a Baptist missionary and married a Ukraine girl who did not want to come to the US. I have not heard if they came home. 


A: My prayers for you and your family at this difficult time.

The issue is not just us allowing Orthodox to receive Catholic communion—the Orthodox Church itself does not permit its members to receive in the Catholic Church. 

That said, our Code of Canon Law makes provision for exceptions. See canon 844 §3 and §5.
And please consult a canon lawyer for a clear interpretation.