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Q:  It was great to hear you speak during your visit to the UK!

I presume when I see “emcee” in publications it is the equivalent of MC or Master of Ceremonies; I would be intrigued to know the origins of “emcee”.

With every blessing for your ministry.


A:  Thanks for bringing back memories of my delightful time in your diocese.

“Emcee” is simply the way we write out the letters MC, which, of course, abbreviate “Master of Ceremonies.” It’s used even in secular venues for the host of an event. At church and especially at cathedral liturgies the MC (emcee) keeps things running smoothly without getting in the way.

Earlier this year Sant’ Anselmo offered a conference on this theme, and I gave a presentation on the work of MCs in my own diocese. If you’re interested, you can read it in English or Italian here: https://paulturner.org/talks/