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Q: Dear father, thank you for your work. Just bought your book and Kindle about rubrics. 

One quick question:

Suppose the acolytes are ready for the end-procession. All look towards the altar. They all genuflect with the priest (the blessed Sacrament is in the middle of the sanctuary) and then… how do they turn towards the exit? To their right, to their left or to the inner side (some left, some right). In this last case, what should the priest do?

Thank you!


A: The rubrics don’t say. You may do what looks appropriate. In most cases, I see ministers turn toward the inner side, and the priest may turn either direction.

However, I believe the rubrics envision that the ministers do not line up either at the beginning or at the end of Mass, but rather make their reverence individually upon arrival at the appropriate spot and then move on. That allows a little more freedom and keeps things from getting congested.