Entrance antiphon

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Q: Our parish is one that replaces the entrance antiphon with an opening processional hymn.  I think it is sad that the parish never gets to hear the entrance antiphon as many times they are quite beautiful and they do set the tone for the Mass.  Or at least they can, if they are heard.

Is it liturgically acceptable to have the cantor intone the entrance antiphon and then have the congregation sing the entrance hymn as the procession proceeds?

As usual, thanks for sharing your wealth of information.


A: GIRM 48 gives four options for singing the entrance antiphon, and a fifth option for what to do when there is no singing.

I understand this to mean it is not liturgically acceptable to have the cantor or choir intone the entrance antiphon from the missal and then have the congregation sing a hymn as the entrance procession. I know that there are places where a chant choir sings the introit before the opening hymn, but in my view this does not conform to what the missal has in mind.

The revised liturgy stays away from needless duplications. Yes, this means that some texts are not used, but the simplification makes it easier to pray the texts that remain.