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Q: Congratulations on your new book, Ars Celebrandi! I read it last week, and it’s so well written and practical. Now there were a few hints I accidentally ignored LOL— but you know how we priests are with liturgy!
My biggest challenge is this:

My introduction at the beginning of Mass, especially for weekdays.

I always prepare a two sentence (usually Gospel based) intro for weekends, but weekdays?  I know we’re supposed to use the entrance antiphon (I’m 60 — I grew up with priests who never used it at Mass — I’ll blame them for me following in their footsteps).  But do you recommend any models or some online service the models good daily introductions?

Also, not to get controversial: is there any way we can bridge performance of the Liturgy by priests our age with those younger fella’s? They think Vatican II didn’t matter. What is being taught in the seminaries? 

I suggest these guys, during the weekday, can celebrate ad orientem. But on Saturday evenings and Sunday, the way the Pope celebrate Mass: facing the congregation.  (I’m not sure bishops have that authority, do they?)

Hope you’re staying healthy.


A: Thank you for your generous comments on my book.

One option for the entrance antiphon is to incorporate it into the introduction of Mass. I rarely use an introduction at daily Mass. I just use the antiphon. We have our reader begin it. Those who have participation aids may join in.

Regarding the authority of bishops over the direction that priests use when presiding for Mass, canonists tell me that bishops may establish such expectations for their priests, but I defer to canonists and to bishops on that.