EP II Interpretation

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Q:  EP II includes, “… to be in your presence and minister to you.”  I am looking for a resource(s) that will help me understand and interpret phrases like these, not only for EPII but for the entire Mass.  The more I pray the Mass, the greater the mystery becomes and the deeper I want to go.   Suggestions?

A:  I’ve written a commentary on the parts of the mass that you can find here: http://www.ltp.org/p-2230-at-the-supper-of-the-lamb-a-pastoral-and-theological-commentary-on-the-mass.aspx

Adrian Nocent’s books about the lectionary includes a section on the ordinary of the mass in volume III: https://www.litpress.org/Products/3571/the-liturgical-year.aspx
I like Enrico Mazza’s book The Eucharistic Prayers of the Roman Rite.https://www.litpress.org/Products/6078/The-Eucharistic-Prayers-of-the-Roman-Rite
Hope these help.