Eucharistic prayer

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Q:  Our retired bishop and I were talking the other day, and we were saying that there is not only a need for a better translation of the Roman Missal, but a revision of the prayers at the foundation of the Mass.

I noted that the heavy reliance on the Gelasian sacramentary and the philosophical foundation in neoplatonic structure and thought is part of our problem.

The bishop has asked me to send him in the direction of some reading on this and the resultant questions and a quick search on line has not been very productive.

Any suggestions of ways to go and ideas would be most welcome.

A:  You are correct that an accurate translation of what is in Latin uncovers some theological difficulties. I remember telling people before the revised translation came out that once you see a more accurate translation of Eucharistic Prayer I, you’ll understand better why we have prayers II, III and IV.
For the big picture, I suggest Catherine Vincie’s work, Worship and the New Cosmology She has many footnotes that may lead you in further directions.
If you missed it, do check out Michael Joncas’s post on the Pray Tell blog: