Feast of St. Ignatius

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Q: This year the Feast of St. Ignatius (July 31) falls on a Sunday. It is deemed a Solemnity in the Ordo for the Society of Jesus, and is the conclusion of the “Ignatian Year” to celebrate the life of St. Ignatius the founder of the Jesuits. We are a Jesuit parish and wonder if we might be able to use the readings for the Feast in place of those for the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

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A: I believe you can with the permission of the bishop. See GIRM 375, which would list this request as a votive Mass. Then see the introduction to Votive Masses in the missal, which says that for “some serious pastoral benefit” a bishop may approve the usage of one of them. Certain days are excluded, but not Sundays in Ordinary Time.