Final Commendation – updated

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Q: If the committal is going to be delayed (cremated remains will be interred later, the body is donated to science), MUST the Final Commendation at the Funeral be omitted?

I can see where it would make sense to do so – and then celebrate the Commendation with the Committal later – but MUST it be postponed?



A: I don’t see anything requiring the deferral of the final commendation. I’m looking at OCF 205, which simply describes the alternatives, and 212, which actually permits repeating the rite of committal (not explicitly the final commendation) on the day of the committal. Even so, that tells me that the final commendation may also have already taken place.


UPDATE: OCF 437 instructs: When the committal is delayed, or when the body is to be cremated before interment, the Deacon, or, in his absence, the priest says the following or similar words: “In the sure hope of the resurrection we take leave of our brother/sister: let us go in peace.”

Since this replaces the “In peace let us take our brother/sister to his/her place of rest.” at the end of the Final Commendation. This indicates that the Final Commendation is not to be omitted, in cases where to committal is delayed.


A: Thank you very much.