First blessing

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Q:  I am familiar with the tradition of members of the faithful lining up to receive a “first blessing” from a newly ordained Priest and I know an indulgence is attached to that.   Does the same tradition for the asking and giving of “first blessing” exist for newly ordained Deacons (permanent or transitional)?

I am aware that Canon 1169 §3 says “A deacon can impart only those blessings which are expressly permitted to him by law”.  Is it appropriate for people to line up asking for a blessing from a newly ordained Deacon? If so, what words and gestures should be used by the Deacon and the one asking the blessing?

A:  No, a deacon’s blessing on ordination day does not occasion a plenary indulgence. And according to the enchiridion of indulgences #27, a plenary indulgence is attached to those who participate in the first mass of a newly ordained priest, not to an independent blessing that he gives apart from his first mass.

If people want to receive a blessing from a newly ordained priest or deacon, and if the priest or deacon wants to give one, no harm. But no plenary indulgence either.