First Communion

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Q: Our parish scheduled First Holy Communion Masses on August 15th. Must we use the Holy Day readings and  pray the Gloria and Creed?   August 15th falls on a Saturday this year.   Thanks.


It depends on what time you’re having Mass.

If it is a Saturday morning or early afternoon Mass, then, yes indeed, it is the Mass of the Assumption. Its non-holyday status this year doesn’t matter because the Assumption is always a solemnity that ranks quite high on the liturgical calendar. It even ranks above weddings, so a wedding Mass on that morning or early afternoon also uses the readings and presidential prayers of the Assumption.

But if it’s the Saturday late afternoon or evening liturgy, then you use the Mass for the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Either way, you don’t use texts for a votive Mass for the Eucharist.

If it is a children’s Mass, then certain permissions apply. You may omit nonessential parts of the Mass, and these could include the Gloria and the Creed. You could even eliminate one scripture reading, though not the gospel. See the Directory for Masses with Children for more advice.

Congratulations to the kids. I’m glad they’ll be joining the eucharistic table.