First Communion class and Scrutinies

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: I have a couple of questions for you. First, in my First Communion class, there is a child who was baptized according to the Byzantine Rite, I know that means they have already received their first Holy Communion, and they were Chrismated (Confirmed). My question is, is it ok to proceed with their formation and have them receive Holy Communion with the rest of the children? Even though it wouldn’t be their first, I’m confident it is their first since reaching the age of reason, given that the father is a Latin Rite Catholic, I assume the child has been raised in the Latin Rite.

My second question is, can the Scrutinies be celebrated outside of Mass? I see that RCIA no. 144, and 145 mention a priest or deacon presiding. Also, RCIA no. 155 says, “If the Eucharist is to be celebrated,” which I believe tells me my answer, but I just like to verify.

Thanks for all you do, and for taking the time to entertain my questions.


A: Yes and yes. There’s no problem including the child in the formation with the other children, and letting that child enjoy the day with the others.

And yes, the scrutinies may be celebrated outside Mass. Not ideal, but for a good reason it may be done.