Funeral on Easter Monday

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Q: I have someone who wants a funeral on Easter Monday. I said OK (to the date), then realized it was Easter Monday.What can I do and what can I NOT do?For instance, I presume that I have to celebrate the Resurrection with a Gloria. But do I have to use the readings of the day? 


A: You may celebrate a funeral Mass on Easter Monday. It is forbidden on solemnities that are holydays, but not on other solemnities such as that one (GIRM 380). Therefore, you do not sing the Gloria at a funeral Mass on Easter Monday.

he lectionary presumes that you are choosing readings from the New Testament throughout Easter Time. It specifies several first readings that would be appropriate for funerals.

That said, it’s hard to recommend two more beautiful readings for a funeral than the ones the lectionary assigns to Easter Monday each year.

My condolences to those who have suffered this loss.