Funeral program

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Q: We’re preparing a funeral program. The bishop is going to participate in choir dress, but the retired pastor is going to be the main celebrant. What are the proper terms for them and the other priests?

What if there’s more than one bishop in choir dress? Are they all called the same?


A: The bishop is the Presider.

The retired pastor is the Celebrant.

The other priests are Concelebrants.

If other bishops are present in choir dress, they are just bishops in choir dress. Only one is the Presider.

I see that the bishop is the presider whether or not he is the celebrant, but I see nowhere that a second bishop in choir dress receives the same designation. I think he’s simply a bishop in choir dress. The presiding bishop may carry his pastoral staff. He may incense the altar. He may receive the gifts. But he need not. If this were a regular Mass, he would give the final blessing.