Glory to God

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: Do we have to change the translation of the end of the “Glory to God in the Highest,” which states, “You alone are the Holy One, Jesus Christ.”

Isn’t God the Father and the Holy Spirit also the Holy One?


A: I presume you’re asking this in light of the change to the end of the collect. No, there’s no change to the translation to the Glory to God. The Gloria also says, “You alone are the Lord,” and of course we use that title for all three members of the Trinity as well. In the context of the Gloria, those acclamations distinguish Jesus from mortals, not from other Persons of the Trinity.

The situation with the collect is different. The English translation is in error. The Latin proclaims that Jesus is God. That doesn’t mean that the other members of the Trinity are not. It’s just saying that that’s where Jesus ranks.