Gospel of the Lord – updated

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Q: You wrote in the blog post “The Gospel of the Lord” of 15 October 2022 https://paulturner.org/the-gospel-of-the-lord/: “There is no instruction for the deacon or priest who proclaims the gospel to lift the book while declaring, “The Gospel of the Lord.” It remains in the ambo.”

The Introduction of the Book of the Gospels is more explicit:

“20. At the end of the Gospel, the deacon proclaims The Gospel of the Lord without raising the book from the stand.”

(From The Liturgy Documents: 5th Edition: Essential Documents for Parish Worship, Liturgy Training Publications, Kindle Edition, page 487.) 

Do you know when the Latin edition of this introduction was published? 


A: Thank you. Duly noted.

That introduction was composed in English in the USA 1999, approved for use by the Vatican in 2000, and appears in English in the editions from the USCCB. As far as I know there is no Latin edition.