Holy Week questions

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Q: Since the Transfer of the Blessed Sacrament to the place of repose is omitted on Holy Thursday and the Blessed Sacrament is placed in the tabernacle, would it make any sense to still incense the Blessed Sacrament before it is placed in tabernacle? 

Would it be appropriate to still sing the Pange Lingua and Tantum Ergo as the Blessed Sacrament is being placed in the tabernacle? Or would you suggest that the liturgy end in silence? 

Our tabernacle is not in the sanctuary. Would the priest need to come back to the sanctuary and reverence the altar before recessing out of the nave?

After the Holy Thursday liturgy is concluded, would it be appropriate to still take the Blessed Sacrament out of the tabernacle so that it is empty and place the Eucharist in a place of repose? 

Should the priest take the Eucharist to the place of repose after Communion on Good Friday (instead of tabernacle)?


A: * Incense not necessary to conclude Holy Thursday this year.

* I rather like singing Pange and Tantum, but they are not necessary. Those who sing the Tantum ergo at reposition on Holy Thursday are eligible for a plenary indulgence each year. This is one way to encourage Catholics to sing. 🙂

* The priest does not need to return to the altar to conclude the service.

* Yes, it is still appropriate to have an empty tabernacle on Good Friday.

* Best would be to put the leftover hosts away from public space, leaving the tabernacle empty.