Homilies with women

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Q: Is it permissible for a female Anglo-Catholic priest to robe and sit with me on the sanctuary during Mass? Can I invite her, in the spirit of Ecumenism, to co-deliver the homily which I begin and end, and to which my ordained sister in Christ contribute?


A: There is not a provision for these ideas, but you may ask your bishop for an opinion. If a vested non-Catholic minister sat in the sanctuary, it may blur the distinctions between your roles. A bishop might counsel that a homily during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity could include reflections from a non-Catholic minister. But because our definition of a homily restricts it to priests and deacons, it would be more of a reflection than a homily. There is less of a problem if the person shares thoughts at some other time – before mass or after communion during announcement times, for example.