Host on the floor

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Q: A person found a (presumably consecrated) host on the floor of a church during the week.  (BTW – The church has no sacrarium).  What should be done with the host?  The pastor was advised to have it place in a bowl for ablution.  It was later reported that when the host was placed in the water, the host displayed a reddish tinge which several people insisted might be blood.  Now what?  As the host started dissolving, someone insisted that it be taken to the Catholic hospital for tests to see if it was human blood.  “Maybe the host was transformed into human tissue as reported in other places.”  Could this have been a “bloody” miracle!   Why not?


A: The legislation on this is surprisingly thin. But the best practice is to put the dissolved host down a sacrarium as soon as possible. If the church does not have a sacrarium, the host can be brought to a neighboring parish for a reverent disposal.