Hosts on Good Friday

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  Aaack! I made a terrible mistake. In trying to manage Holy Week liturgies at my two places, I stupidly scheduled Holy Thursday at one parish I serve and Good Friday at another one. Can I do the Good Friday liturgy with the Blessed Sacrament being reserved in the tabernacle from a Mass on Wednesday of Holy Week, rather than being reserved at an altar of repose?


A:  I would say yes. There are no rules governing this circumstance, but in practice it’s not unusual to put the leftover consecrated hosts from Holy Thursday into a ciborium that normally occupies the tabernacle, and containing hosts consecrated at previous masses. In the distribution of communion, there’s no telling who got which hosts from what celebration. It’s less important that the Good Friday hosts be Holy Thursday hosts than that they be previously consecrated hosts.

Not so terrible a mistake. I can give you plenty of worse ones from my past!