Immaculate Conception

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Q: I seem to recall the falling on a Sunday in some past year (as it does in 2024), and that because she is patroness of the diocese, the solemnity is actually celebrated on Sunday, and ends up trumping the Sunday of Advent, even the USCCB ordo has it being transferred to Monday, Dec 9th and NOT having it be a Holy Day. Or perhaps I remember it being transferred but then STILL being a holy day because she is patroness of the diocese.

Can you clarify for me?


A: What is planned for this year is what has happened in the past: The Second Sunday of Advent ranks above the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, even when it is a holyday of obligation. Because it is a solemnity, it transfers to the next available day, December 9, and the obligation no longer pertains.

The USCCB’s Committee on Divine Worship treated it in the November Newsletter on p. 44.

The question has come up a couple of times on my blog:

The reason for the move can be explained through the Table of Liturgical Days: . Advent Sundays rank way up at #2. Solemnities are at #3.

In 1974, though, the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship allowed the conferences of bishops to request keeping the Immaculate Conception on a Sunday (DOL 465; Notitiae 9 [1973]:71). I’ve heard of some conference requesting this recently, though I don’t recall which. In the US, though, we will celebrate the Second Sunday of Advent on December 8 this year.