Initiation rites at Pentecost

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: Now that the stay at home order has begun to be lifted and we plan to return to Mass, I’d like your opinion on how you would structure the Mass for initiating the catechumens and candidates.  We are looking at Pentecost. Could you provide some guidelines?  It would be nice if the Mass could at least resemble something of the Easter Vigil. I would love to have your suggestion on some things we can do to make this different besides the obvious Baptism, Confirmation and first Communion.


A: Basically, you follow the rite as it appears in the RCIA, but with the Pentecost readings and prayers from the missal. If you are doing these on Saturday evening of Pentecost weekend, the liturgy now permits a broader suite of readings and prayers, similar to the Easter Vigil.

The main difference is that the congregation would not hold candles to renew their promises.

You consult the RCIA for the initiation rites. You consult the missal for the liturgy of Pentecost Sunday. You do not consult the missal’s section on the Easter Vigil.