Installing a new Pastor

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Q: I cannot thank you enough for your ministry through your blog, not to mention your books and talks, etc. There are so many of us ‘liturgists’ out there that have been duly inspired by your clarity and manner of style. Thank you, thank you.

So, I have a new pastor who is being installed by our diocesan bishop next weekend and I want to make sure I have the correct title for the worship aid. It is my understanding from the Book of Blessings (p.769) it is a rite within the Mass called “Order for the Installation of a Pastor.” So, on the cover page, I have written first “Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time with the Order of Installation of Pastor (I omit “a” since we know who it is) then I have Rev. John Doe (not real name) immediately after Pastor. Your help for an appropriate title is appreciated!

All that being said, it strikes me that the focus of the Mass has not been changed. We still celebrate the 21st Sunday and I am certain the bishop will preach on the readings, somehow brilliantly weaving servant-hood into his homily. But at the same time, we cannot pretend that this is not a big deal when so many people have been invited and are coming exclusively because of the installation. Selecting music was a bit of a challenge keeping all of this in mind and trying to find the right balance. Your thoughts would be appreciated on this as well.

Again…thank you!!


A: most welcome.

The title you have planned sounds good to me. Because it is a Sunday in Ordinary Time, the bishop has the authority to choose a different Mass, such as a votive Mass for the parish patron or a Mass for Various Needs and Occasions such as #6 For Priests with pertinent readings. But the introduction to the Order of Blessing says, “The Mass of the day is celebrated” (2017).  It’s probably best to continue with the Sunday readings and prayers, as the new pastor will be following them regularly.

May God bless your community as you welcome a new pastor.