Intercessions for Good Friday

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Q: Do you think it would be appropriate for a Bishop to add a special intention in light of the pandemic to the Good Friday solemn intercessions? This came up at a presbyteral gathering, and some felt that it was adequately expressed by n. 10 “For those in tribulation”; but others felt that a more specific intention would be better. Your input is appreciated!


A: Just before the solemn intercessions of Good Friday the missal offers this rubric: “In a situation of grave public need, the Diocesan Bishop may permit or order the addition of a special intention.” Prayer 10, as you note, already prays for God to “banish disease” and grant “health to the sick.”

In my view, a bishop could judge this either way. If he’s content with the 10th petition covering the present crisis, that’s fine to leave it alone. If not, he could add another petition. 

My recommendation would be yes, this is the time for a bishop to add such a petition, inserting it after the 9th and before the generic tenth one.