Introductions to the readings

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Q: Is it liturgically correct for a lay reader to give information concerning the reading they are about to do.  For instance before someone does the First Reading is it ok for them to discuss what has happened prior to the verses being read or to discuss the prophet who wrote the verses or to tell  something about the book of the bible that the reading came from. We have a reader who wants to do this and wants all the readers to do this.  I have never seen this done except maybe by a deacon or priest. The one time a reader did so the  priest (not at St. Matthew) asked them to not do it again. I need some guidance before I wade into this river.


A: GIRM 31 permits the priest to make introductions to the readings, and it describes this as an “exercise of his office of presiding over the gathered assembly.” So, it would not be appropriate for a reader to do the same.
Even if a priest does this, it happens “before the readings,” which I interpret to mean after the collect, and not before each reading along the way.