Invalid mass – updated

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Q:  Recently I was embarrassed to discover at communion time that the liquid in the chalice tasted more water like than wine like; In fact there is a question whether both cruets had water in them (they are green colored and will be changed). I presume Mass was invalid even though there was a sensation of ‘wine’ when I consumed… but…? What implications are there given the host was consecrated, if it was? Could I have distributed the host alone? I suspect not.

Thanks again Paul for your generosity and expertise!


A:  You probably had an invalid mass. It can happen. Be sure to reschedule the mass intention, if there was one.


Q:  For your consideration. From the GIRM:

  1. If the priest notices after the consecration or as he receives Communion that not wine but only water was poured into the chalice, he pours the water into some container, then pours wine with water into the chalice and consecrates it.He says only the part of the institution narrative related to the consecration of the chalice, without being obliged to consecrate the bread again.


A:  I’d forgotten about that one.

It says a lot about our eucharistic theology and the tradition behind the words of consecration.  Interesting that it doesn’t tell the priest what to do with the water he pours “into some container.” I presume it goes to the sacrarium. Or he drinks it after mass.