Litany of Saints

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q:  My sister is getting married in July, and she wants a Litany of Saints to be sung during her wedding. She said that she has seen it done at other weddings. Is a Litany of Saints allowed during a Wedding Mass? If so, where? What are your thoughts?
A:  The Italian wedding ceremony includes the litany of the saints within the prayer of the faithful. The US Bishops requested it for the position after the homily and just before the marriage ceremony began, that is before the minister addresses the couple and asks for their intent. When we got the revised English translation back from the Vatican, the litany was not approved.

Nonetheless, I suppose that in an individual wedding it could be included in either of those places – after the homily or during the prayer of the faithful.
I covered this in my book, Inseparable L ove.