Liturgical colors

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Where can I find some scholarly research on liturgical colors?


I’ve consulted a colleague at Catholic University, who suggests these:

John Laurance, now retired from Marquette University, wrote the article “Vestments, Liturgical” in Peter Fink’s The New Dictionary of Sacramental Worship. He has a section on liturgical colors. Martimort in his treatment of “Liturgical Signs” has a section on liturgical vestments and colors in Volume 1 of The Church at Prayer: Principles of the Liturgy. For German-speakers, Rupert Berger has a chapter, “Liturgische Gewaender und Insignien” in Gottesdienst der Kirche, volume 3, Gestalt des Gottesdienstes: Sprachliche und Nichsprachliche Ausdrucksformen, (Regensburg: Pustet, 1987), 309-346. He deals with colors, too, on 327-331, with lots of bibliography.