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Q:  Is there any “update” on at least the acceptability of using white liturgical vestments as a substitute for other liturgical colors in cases of necessity or at least for practical reasons, like when a priest has to travel with very limited baggage allowance and where he goes, or even while in transit, should he want to say Mass, there is no guarantee at all that he will have access to a church which can lend him vestments (stole and chasuble) of the proper liturgical color for the day? Another situation would be when accompanying a group of people for a pilgrimage or activities outdoors or in nature for several days that just happen to have varying proper liturgical colors.

Although stole over the so-called “chasuble-alb” is allowed as per Notitiae 81, Vol. 9, 1973, Number 3, 2c, still, bringing along stoles of every liturgical color when traveling could be quite a handful, to say the least.

While, this question has been responded to already by Fr. McNamara here: / Best Practices and Homily Resources for Catholic Priests and somehow by yourself here,, although the question is not quite the same as mine, I’d still like to know your response to my question.

So, in cases of necessity and as the main (or sole) celebrant of the Mass, given the circumstances I have mentioned above and similar ones, is it at the very least acceptable to just use white (or green? but Redemptionis Sacramentum no. 124, the CDWDS 2014 Guide for Large-Scale Celebrations no. 14, and the 1965 Rite to be Observed in the Concelebration of Mass no. 12  all seem to favor white but only for concelebrants)?

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A:  To my knowledge, there is no update. The presider is expected to wear the proper liturgical color.