Liturgical colors

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Q:  So much appreciate your blogs. This week’s reading from Acts (6:1-7) speaks to those of us who serve as liturgists and sacristans. And your answers to questions so thoughtfully combine rubric and liturgically appropriate/ common sense (the sweet spot).

Our parish needs to refresh/ replace its banners and liturgical-color wall hangings in the sanctuary. I’ve seen a variety of options at other parishes, including a wall tapestries and hangings on the ambo and altar. Which of your books can we use to give us some guidance on recommendations for showing the liturgical colors and for use of themed banners?  Thanks again!

A:  Thanks for your comments about my work. I included a few thoughts on art and environment in Sourcebook for Sundays and Seasons when I was the author from 2002 to 2005. You’ll also find a bulletin insert on banners in my collection

I’m also a coauthor of LTP’s guide for ministers of the liturgical environment:
Thanks for asking.