Liturgical Environment

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Q: I am the Ministry Head of the Liturgical Environment. However, in my present parish during weekly mass , when the vestments are white or red, the altar frontals  are changed to match the color of the vestment.  Is is OK to keep purple in Lent, green in OT, for example, and not change for martyr, saints, etc?  

What are your recommendations for sources on the Liturgical Environment?


A: There are no rules governing the color of altar frontals, just the color of vestments for priests and deacons. Many people change the color of other decorations to match the vestments, whether they be frontals, server cinctures, or even the clothing that they wear to church. 

You have freedom in this area to change or not change, depending on time, budget, and sense.

Regarding resources, I coauthored Guide for Ministers of Liturgical Environment and Guide for Sacristans.