Liturgy of the Hours

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Q: In addition to the Rosary, is it recommended that lay persons pray the Liturgy of the Hours in their homes or is that a prayer form best led by clergy? If so, how is it best done if he/she/they cannot accomplish all of the “hours”. Could  you recommend  some resources that can be used  by laity so it’s done correctly and with reverent beauty.  

Thank you for your time Father Paul!!


A: The Liturgy of the Hours is appropriate for everyone, lay and clergy alike. Clergy are obliged to pray it, and lay people are welcome. It’s fine for a layperson to lead the Liturgy of the Hours, and it happens quite commonly.
Many people find the most convenient way to pray it is with an app on the phone. There are several of these. Especially for those unfamiliar with how to find the variable parts each day, an app has made this easier, correct and prayerful for many.
People are encouraged to pray at least Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer as part of a daily routine.
Also popular are some booklets that abbreviate the hours for individual or group prayer, including the primary prayers, antiphons and readings for daily Mass. One of them is Give Us This Day, for which I occasionally write a day’s reflection.