Live-streamed Mass and Eucharist

In Paul Turner's Blog by Paul Turner

Q: Love your blog.  Have learned so much both from the content as well as your attitude of faithful servant-leadership on liturgical issues.

With regards to your answer about live-streaming I have to ask: “This can’t be right.” Parishioners come to church for Mass and find that we are “full” with all the social distancing guidelines in place.  Ushers direct them to the church hall in the same building.  They watch Mass on live-stream, hear the readings, and are anxious to receive the Eucharist when those attending Mass in the church receive.  We are to deny them the Eucharist?


A: Thanks for your comments.

As soon as you put parishioners in a space where the Mass is live-streamed, you have denied them the Eucharist in the fullest sense of the word. They are watching Mass. They are not participating at Mass.

For the integrity of the liturgy, it would be better for them to experience a complete service, be it Mass or a communion service, in the place where they have gathered.

I understand that people are making difficult decisions in strange times, but there is a difference between a liturgical action and the broadcast of a liturgical action.