Marian Procession

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Q: One of my parishes greatly desires to do a Marian Procession in October.

Do I need the bishop’s permission for this procession?

If permission is granted, how does a Marian Procession flow after a Sunday Mass? I’m familiar with a Corpus Christi Procession that begins at the end of Mass, so if you use that as a guideline, I can follow.

Thank you as always for your help. God bless you.


A: You are free to do a Marian procession as you see fit. Consultation with the bishop is supposed to happen with a Eucharistic procession.

In this case you end Mass in the usual way. Perhaps the closing hymn could be the “opening hymn” of the procession. Eucharistic adoration following Mass causes the omission of the concluding rites of Mass, but that would not be the case for a Marian procession.